Who Doesn’t Like a Chicken Dinner

Who Doesn’t Like a Chicken Dinner

It’s no surprise that the chicken dinner is close to our hearts – it represents family and friends like no other meal. A delicious chicken dinner is a sure thing and a family favourite. Our flame grilled chicken mini fillets are also great as a child’s meal  or a contemporary starter in a country pub or a restaurant. Who doesn’t like roast dinner!


  • Take equal quantities in weight of plain flour , egg and milk
  • Blend until smooth
  • Heat oven to 200c put in pudding trays with oil in to get hot
  • Put batter into tins and cook until golden brown and fully cooked
  • Peel two baby carrots and one baby turnip
  • Other vegetables can be used with the season
  • Blanch them in seasoned water till cooked
  • Peel and roast one small potato
  • Take two flame grilled Big Al’s chicken mini fillets ( perfect size and not reformed )
  • Cook as per instructions
  • Place Yorkshire pudding on the plate
  • Place cooked vegetables neatly around
  • Position the chicken fillets beside each other, then pour a little gravy into the pudding and around


Then tuck in and enjoy!

It makes for a delicious dinner that everyone will love.

Yum mm mm