The Pitmaster

The Pitmaster

A flame grilled beef burger topped with tender pulled pork smothered in BBQ sauce, topped with cheddar cheese red onion on a floured bun


Big Al’s 4oz Beef Burger

Slice of cheddar cheese

Diced red onion

Big Al’s Pulled Pork 85g sachet

Spoonful of BBQ sauce

Spoonful of mayonnaise

Floured bun


1. Cook the Big Al’s Burger on a hot plate pre-heated to 188°C for 3 minutes on the first side, turn the product over and cook for a further 2½ minutes on the second side.

2. Cook the Big Al’s Pulled Pork as instructed.

3. Toast your bun while your burger is cooking. Start to build your burger from the bottom up as follows:
Bottom bun
Diced red onion
Big Al’s 4oz Beef Burger
Slice of cheese
Big Al’s Pulled Pork
BBQ sauce
Top bun

4. Serve and enjoy!