Have Your Customers a Merry Little Christmas

Have Your Customers a Merry Little Christmas

For many venues, Christmas is the biggest occasion of the year. As well as using the opportunity to encourage new custom, operators should also ensure they are attracting their regular diners to visit more and more. From a seasonal social and digital strategy, to festive flavours and sparkling events, we have explored how to get your outlet ready for the season…

Gift-wrapped Digital Activity

As we move into a digital focussed world, ensure your online presence is exciting over the Christmas period. Promote your offering – be it on social, digital or email platforms – at least a month before the big day. Include delicious, attention-grabbing dishes and tap into relevant hashtags to spread the word further. Tap into the current consumer desire to personalise their meal and post a range of different builds and menu items.

Reward customers who interact with you on your social and digital channels with a seasonal treat, whether this is a certain percentage off their bill or a free option with their meal – everyone loves a present at this time of year!

Merry Menus

The key to your festive menu is to plan, and plan well in advance. Then, promote your seasonal offering in your venue to encourage customers to book over the Christmas period. Include promotions on your menu, as well as premium items – consumers are often more likely to increase their spend over the season. Provide a festive twist on classics – we have developed some innovative Christmas meals which you can discover here

As well as a Christmas menu, tie everything else in with the theme to create an all inclusive experience. Dress your outlet in festive decorations, play merry music and even get your employees involved in the festive period with a seasonal twist to uniforms.

 Festive Events

In addition to the 25th December, keep a busy events calendar and tap into these events in the run up to and after the big day:

  • Thanksgiving (22nd November 2018)
    • Stock up on our delicious products and create an American themed special menu
  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday (23rd and 26th November 2018)
    • Join in with the offers on the high street and encourage busy shoppers to take a break and re-energise in your venue
  • Christmas Jumper Day (14th December 2018)
    • Get staff and customers to take part in the day and wear a Christmas Jumper – this is a great one to post about on your social media too!
  • Key sporting dates (26th December 2018 and 1st January 2019)
    • If your venue allows you to show live sporting events, utilise this. With various football matches on Boxing Day and New Years Day, and horse racing over the period, there is something for everyone.

Keep up with the celebratory season and plan and promote for your New Year’s Eve events too!