Boost St Patrick’s Day Profits with Big Al’s

St Patrick’s Day is renowned as a big day in the diary for licensees.  It’s the ideal time to take advantage of a busy pub by offering Big Al'squick and easy, hot bar snacks to customers and making a tasty profit at the same time.

The Big Al’s range of flame cooked burgers, chicken steaks, BBQ pork ribsteak and mesquite chicken wings presents the perfect solution for busy times such as St Patrick’s Day due to its flexibility.

“Stocking products which can be cooked quickly during busy events without compromising on quality are essential for St Patrick’s Day, when your establishment is sure to see an increase in numbers,” says Kepak Foodservice’s National Account Manager Ed Robinson. “Big Al’s burgers, for example, can be microwaved from frozen in under two minutes to provide a delicious, filling meal or snack for customers whether it’s at lunchtime, dinnertime, or as a late night snack.”

The burgers are pre-cooked over an open flame, resulting in great taste and a consistently high quality end product.

“They are frozen, which reduces waste, and they are pre-cooked for a worry-free, consistent result every time,” adds Robinson. “They require no special storage or preparation equipment – they can be heated quickly and easily in a fryer, oven, griddle, BBQ or microwave.

“This means outlets can have them in stock for when extra food sales are required, and quickly produce a delicious meal or snack to satisfy hungry customers.”

Licensed outlets can also tailor the versatile Big Al’s range to suit any occasion. The burgers, for example, can be served with cheese, jalapenos, lettuce and tomato or onion rings to add an exciting twist, or are just as delicious simply served on a bun as a quick snack.

Or why not get creative? “Serve a St Patrick’s Day Special,” suggests Robinson.

“We recommend serving a delicious Big Al’s Flame Grilled Beef Burger topped with bacon, Irish cheese, a fried egg and ketchup on a toasted muffin. It’s perfect when paired with a creamy pint of Guinness.”

The range is backed by menus and tent cards. For more information on the range please call 01772 688 300.