Boost Al Fresco Dining Profits with Big Al’s

Boost Al Fresco Dining Profits with Big Al’s

Pubs and bars should consider serving an alternative al fresco menu to liven up their food offering and appeal to
both new and existing customers.

“Serving food that is tailored to outdoor dining is a great way to attract attention to your menu,” says Phil O’Sullivan, General Manager Foodservices. “Dining al fresco has great appeal for customers, and they will appreciate the variety and ‘summer feeling’ generated by a special outdoor menu.

“Food that can be cooked on a barbeque is ideal for al fresco menus. Big Al’s burgers, for example, provide a simple and worry-free way to offer barbeque food to customers whatever the weather.

“They can be cooked on a barbeque outdoors, or cooked indoors and served to customers outdoors to deliver a flame-cooked, summer taste.”


  • Offer BBQ meal deals such as a ‘burger and a pint’ deal to boost both wet and dry sales.
  • Add variety to your outdoor menu by topping burgers with salad, bacon, cheese, jalapeno peppers or salsa.
  • Encourage further purchase by cross-selling burgers with other BBQ-friendly items such as corn on the cob or vegetable skewers.
  • Choose frozen products: Big Al’s products are frozen, which reduces waste, and they are pre-cooked for a worry-free, consistent result every time. They require no special storage or preparation equipment and can be reheated from frozen much more quickly than cooking a raw product.

The range is backed by menus and tent cards. For more information on the range please call 01772 688 300.