Big Al’s Launch The Pub Food Guide

Big Al’s Launch The Pub Food Guide

How to Develop A Fast & Convenient Food Offering That Works For You

Customers in pubs are looking for more than simply a pint and a packet of peanuts. Following the evolution of eating and drinking habits out of home, different customers are after different offerings. Some may want to enjoy a cost-effective, quick and easy meal with family and friends, while others may be looking for a snack to eat whilst the game is on. As a consequence of keeping up with this consistent change, licensees have evolved and adapted their offering.


At Big Al’s Foodservice UK, we’re committed to delivering trend-led food solutions that are quick and easy to create in any pub. From flame-cooked burgers to pulled pork or chargrilled chicken, all of our products are pre-cooked and require minimal preparation. To further support publicans in creating consistently delicious, quick and convenient menus, we have recently launched a dedicated Pub Food Guide. Big Al’s Pub Food Guide is packed full of insight and advice on building a pub menu that works for a variety of on-trade establishments and their customers.

Big Al’s Pub Food Guide explores the current eating-out landscape in off-trade establishments. Whether publicans are looking to refresh their existing food offering or wanting to develop a pub menu for the first time, Big Al’s Pub Food Guide offers all the information possibly needed.