‘Tis The Season For Big Al’s

‘Tis The Season For Big Al’s

Is your venue prepared for the Christmas rush? Now is the ideal time to stock up on easy-to-prepare, mouth-watering hot snacks to ensure party-going customers stay in your venue longer and return again and again this festive season, advises Big Al’s.

“During the festive season, pubs and bars will often experience particularly busy periods as customers celebrate with friends and colleagues,” says Phil O’Sullivan, General Manager Foodservices. “In order to keep them in your establishment – and bring them back again throughout the season – it’s essential to have a tasty, simple and filling food offering available. That way, you can satisfy customers and boost both food and drinks sales.

Big Al’s burgers, for example, offer the perfect solution. They can be microwaved from frozen in under two minutes to provide a delicious, filling meal or snack at any time.”

The products are frozen, which reduces waste, and they are pre-cooked for a worry-free, consistent result every time. They require no special storage or preparation equipment – they can be heated quickly and easily in a microwave, oven, griddle or BBQ.

“You could even offer an additional takeaway burger option during the Christmas period: offer burgers in a takeaway box for hungry customers to eat on their way home,” says Phil.

The Big Al’s range also includes Mesquite Chicken Wings, flame cooked until tender with a mesquite glaze.

“Our chicken wings, with their sweet and smoky flavour, make a great sharing snack for hungry Christmas party-goers.”

“They can be served as a simple bar snack which can be prepared at any time of day or night,” says Phil.

“Chicken wings can be cooked in high volumes when it’s required, and are very quick to prepare – which hungry customers will love! They generate very little washing up which is ideal for times of high footfall like the festive season.”